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We provide hot, nutritious meals

Our mission is to establish, organize, operate and promote facilities and services in Pitt County for the benefit of the
poor and less fortunate persons.

Our primary focus is to deal with food insecurity among the poor and homeless in our community.

What We Do

We are located in a part of the city that experiences higher food insecurity.

Started as the Greenville Soup Kitchen in the mid 1980’s, the JOY Soup Kitchen is the only place in Greenville that prepares and serves a free, daily meal to address an essential community need.

Services and Community Engagement:

Hot nutritious meals

JOY serves a free, nutritious meal each weekday from 10:30 – 12:30 & Evening Meals are served every
Monday – Thursday from 5:00 – 6:00

Health Services

We have partnered up with Health
Assist to re-establish a Community
Health Clinic.

Employment Help

We offer job placement opportunities and assistance through Access East

support us

We served 49,660 meals in 2022 and 63,240 2023!

In 2021, JOY served 42,491 meals to people in need. We served 47,860 in 2022. The number of meals served in 2023 was 63,240. As our numbers increase, so does our need for donations.

The Soup Kitchen and Community Center runs strictly on donations by generous people like you; we do not receive any funding on the local or state level. 

There are no criteria for eligibility, and we provide meals to all who come to the JOY Community Building.


We run on volunteers. Volunteers are needed to help prep & serve meals, clean up after services, and organize stock rooms.


Contributions are needed to support the general operation, repairs/improvements, and for food or equipment.


JOY is looking to partner with organizations that want to help the community whether to serve as a team building exercise or host supply drives to help with our costs.


Contribute to a campaign

We continue to be overwhelmed by the level of need, as well as the generosity of our community. 

This past year we’ve partnered with over a dozen local restaurants that want to take a day to prepare and serve food. 

One of the restaurants pulls his cooker into our parking lot every few weeks and spends the day broiling 20 briskets or 120 quarter chickens.